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Organisation profile

Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Architecture and Design, which we have built with the vision that an interdisciplinary holistic education system will be at the center of today's and future education understanding, we offer our students a high quality vocational education at international standards at different scales from the city to the product, with the departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Industrial Design.

Supported by national and international technical trips, seminars, conversations, conferences, vocational and artistic exhibition activities, an "integrated education approach" that goes beyond the curriculum aims to contribute to the cultural and intellectual levels of our students as well as supporting their professional processes. Exchange programs with the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, international summer/winter workshops held every year in Japan, Spain, Austria and Italy, and our Erasmus/World Exchange connections are some of our important educational activities that we can evaluate in this context. The location advantage of our campus, which is close to everywhere in Beşiktaş/Yıldız, the center of Istanbul, while supporting the teaching of history and theory courses from a contextual perspective, on the other hand, it inspires the treatment of project topics that focus on the needs and problems of the city in design studio courses.

BAU Faculty of Architecture and Design attaches importance to providing its students with the opportunity of sectoral experience integrated into the curriculum of their education life in the early period with the CO-OP application. By providing education with a large number of international students from different countries in a rich intercultural interaction environment, professionally sensitive to the problems of not only today's but also the future world, adopting universal ethical values, focusing on technological developments in the sector, self-confident to take responsibility in the globalizing world, being aware of cultural core values, and dealing with the contemporary world. The main mission of our faculty is to train professionals who can integrate.

You who want to be a 'Bahçeşehir University' in a university that has a tradition in universal norms with its internationally experienced academicians and its staff of practicing architects, interior architects and designers who have a say in the sector, its location in the heart of the city, its intercultural interaction environment and national/international extra-curricular education opportunities. Expressing my pleasure to see our young people among us, I welcome you all and wish you success.


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