Engineering and Natural Sciences

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Organisation profile

Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, with the vision of being one of the respected faculties of the world and a leader in the technological development of our country; while conducting research and project development activities aimed at producing, transforming and spreading knowledge that will increase the welfare and happiness of humanity, it provides education at universal standards in order to train entrepreneurs, leading engineers and scientists with high ethical values, especially with 21st century skills required by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The departments within our faculty are taught fully in English, and the current and future needs of the society are taken into account in the preparation of the curriculum and contents. In addition, it is aimed that our graduates can work all over the globalizing world. In order for our students to graduate in the most ready state for their professional life, by offering a course curriculum that can also benefit from the international opportunities of our university, different cooperation models are implemented within industry. In this context, we have Coop cooperation agreements with more than 2000 companies. In all our departments, all kinds of opportunities and environments are created in which our students can develop their innovative and creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication and cooperation skills.

Distance Education Technologies are used at the highest level in our faculty, our students are provided with access to information regardless of time and place and continuous interaction with faculty members. In line with the contemporary educational philosophy of Bahçeşehir University; student and faculty exchange programs and joint scientific studies are carried out with distinguished universities in America, Europe and the Far East. In this way, it is planned to expand our students' horizons, to reach cultural riches and to integrate them into society as individuals who can use effective communication techniques. In addition, many of our undergraduate programs have received internationally recognized MÜDEK accreditation, while the evaluation process continues in others.

If you are aiming to become leaders, researchers, innovative and entrepreneurial engineers and scientists with 21st-century competencies, I am waiting for you at our Faculty.


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