International Trade and Business Administration

Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The Department of International Trade and Business Administration is designed for students who want to gain an understanding of the international business world and be informed citizens.

This knowledge will enable students to manage global business operations more efficiently, conduct business in foreign countries due to their international outlook. Students will be equipped with databases, take more responsibility on an international level, gain required talents to be successful in unfamiliar global environments, discover global market opportunities and increase their company’s globalization process.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the International Trade and Business program is to educate qualified and ethical individuals who have a good command of international trade policies and law, can adapt to digital business life, respect differences, and contribute to the development of international business and trade standards with the work they will do by using their analysis and synthesis skills.

Aims of Program:

This program aims to educate students who will;

1. Have theoretical and practical knowledge on management, business, trade, economy, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable development related to International Trade and Business and use this information,

2. Collect data from different sources in the global business world and successfully apply research techniques, use information and communication technologies,

3. Analyze opportunities and threats with strategic thinking skills by using different resources and channels in the ever-changing global business world,

4. Communicate orally and in writing with a good knowledge of English grammar,

5. Transfer the knowledge and skills he / she has acquired in the field to the relevant people in written and oral form and evaluate them critically,

6. Adopt the principles of business ethics with the awareness of professional responsibility and can apply these principles within the framework of legal rules in the field of global trade and business,

7. Collaborate in and out of the field, take responsibility, respect cultural differences and have ethical values,

8. Have sufficient awareness of social rights, justice, cultural values, environmental awareness, occupational health and safety,

9. Identify learning needs and improve herself/himself with the lifelong learning skills acquired.